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Zown Storage Strap - 5 Metres

Zown Storage Strap - 5 Metres


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We recommend two straps per trolley

These 25mm cam buckle straps are used for safely securing cargo during transit. Our quick release cam buckles are made to a high standard are good quality and manufactured in the UK. Cam Buckle Straps are used to tension light weight or fragile products.

  • 400Kgs rated assembly strength and breaking strength of 800kg.
  • Lashing capacity of LC400daN
  • Cam Buckles are manufactured and conform to the European Standard EN12195-1.
  • Chamfered adjustable end for easier fit into cam buckle
  • Made with high quality 25mm Polyester Webbing
  • Cam buckle made from Zinc
  • Custom made bespoke cam buckles made to order
  • Each cam buckle has identification label with manufactures mark, length and working load capacity.
  • Edge protectors and Wear Sleeves are available to protect the webbing.
  • Used for securing lighter loads.
  • Custom made cam buckles made to order and also available in other colours
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