School Classroom Chair Buying Guide

The wide range of chairs and stools we offer spans from traditional wooden chairs, to flexible, collaborative furniture; with styles, colours and frame types to suit every educational establishment.

One-piece Poly Chair

Cantilever Chair

Mobile Collaborative Chair

Swivel Chair 

BS EN 1729 2007 is the British and European standard for ‘chairs and tables for educational institutions’.

This sets out the standards that need to be achieved by education furniture manufacturers for functional dimensions, and also safety requirements for strength and stability. Look out for the compliant logos when selecting your classroom furniture. 

We are a member of the Furniture Industry Research Association (FIRA) and are pleased that a selection of our furniture has a FIRA certification. So rest assured that you receive high quality furniture products from us.

Seat to Table Height Guide (BS EN 1729)

Having the correct seat and table height is essential for students concentration levels, posture, comfort and skeletal development. Morleys recommends you consult these standards before making a purchasing decision.