Gender Pay Gap

For the first time, this year all large UK companies employing 250 people or more are required to report on their gender pay gap.

As an employer we welcome this step. We believe that it is important for all companies to be transparent about pay, and that by doing this, progress will be made in bridging the pay gap that exists in the UK today.

Our mean results are currently adverse to the UK average of 18.4%, this is due to the majority of our directors who are male. However our median result of 5.7% shows a significant improvement on the UK average of 17.4%.

As an organisation, we are always looking to improve and we want our gender pay gap to be lower than it is. Our strategy is always to recruit, train and develop the best people for the job and are pleased to say that at the launch of our new apprenticeship programme 80% of our cohort are women.

You can be sure that over the coming years we’ll continue to do the right things to address any gap and continue with our equal opportunities strategy.

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Rob Abrahams
Managing Director