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Gratnells Trays

Gratnells Trays


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Gratnells school trays are found in learning environments all over the world. Made from fully recyclable polypropylene, they are moulded to a standardised size for seamless fusion with standard school furniture. The strong rigid tray, which is loved by teachers and technicians is BSI approved for heavy educational use.  

The ease with which the tray can be moved around a learning space and swapped in or out of standardised units cannot be understated. It was designed to help provide a flexible, high-density storage solution on a small footprint, allowing more space to be kept available for learning activities. The tray comes in a range of colours for visually stimulating, colour-coded storage and is easily accessible to learners due to its trademarked shape of design. Whether it is chemicals, worksheets, stationery, or robotics kits that need housing, a Gratnells tray is the solution.

  • Made from extra strong polypropylene
  • Integral cut out handles allowing for easy carrying.
  • Resistant to nearly all chemicals
  • Clear Lids also available
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Fully recyclable
  • 5 Year Guarantee


  • Shallow: H 75 x W 312 x D 427mm (Volume: 7 Litres)
  • Deep: H 150 x W 312 x D 427mm (Volume: 13.5 Litres)
  • Extra Deep: H 225 x W 312 x D 430mm (Volume: 19 Litres)
  • Jumbo: H 300 x W 312 x D 430mm (Volume: 25 Litres)

Key Features

  • BSI tested and passed for heavy educational use
  • Fully recyclable
  • All Gratnells Standard trays fit standard school furniture
  • Lids and inserts available
  • Scratch resistant
  • 40 standard colours
  • Anti-static additive – protection from dust contamination
  • Anti-fade colour protector

Educational Benefits

  • When conducting a mini-experiment or demonstration, the tray safely keeps all chemicals contained and prevents contamination of the work surface.
  • Useful for storing chemicals on shelving ensuring any leakages are contained.
  • Students can select pre-prepared resources from trays, taking responsibility for their learning
  • Equipment can be sorted and transported around the learning space with ease, preventing lost learning time.
  • Chemically unreactive polypropylene & Semi fire-retardant at 0.22mm per min
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