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FourMe 88 bio-polypropylene skid frame chair

FourMe 88 bio-polypropylene skid frame chair


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It’s all about the lines! Like an elegant dance, perfectly choreographed, the Four®Me 88 complements any setting with organic, calm shapes. Likewise, the chair perfectly suits any meeting or dining table where it will add remarkable comfort as well as an almost sculptural view exciting to the eye. The elegant skid frame, the fantastic smooth surface, and warm organic shape is genuinely a sight for sore eyes.

Exemplifying precision in design, the FourMe® 88 emerges as an ideal off ice meeting room chair. With its harmonious lines, this chair adds a touch of elegance to any professional setting. When positioned around a meeting table, its organic shapes deliver exceptional comfort and a sculptural aesthetic. The refined skid frame, smooth surface, and warm, organic form make it a visually captivating addition, complemented by the inclusion of gliders for enhanced functionality.

Weight: 5.9 kg
Dimensions: W585 x D548 x H819 - SH455mm
Warranty: 5 years

Environmental Data
Recycled Content: 10%
Recyclability: 99%
Carbon Footprint: 42kg CO2e per unit
Material Breakdown: 49% Steel, 51% Plastic

EN 16139:2014, L1
EN 1021-1:2014
GS 2019:01 PAK 
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