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FourMe 44 bio-polypropylene 4 leg chair

FourMe 44 bio-polypropylene 4 leg chair


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Timeless and classic, yet still modern and warm: Yes, please. The simple and elegant four-legged FourMe® 44 is perfect for bringing a domestic feel to the public space interior. The ultra-soft surface of the shell chair is enforced with excess fibres from European lumber production, visible to the eye making every chair unique. Simplicity and functionality perfectly aligned: you’re welcome.

Elegantly timeless, the FourMe® 44 is a sophisticated choice for meeting room chairs, combining classical charm with modern warmth. Crafted with four legs for simplicity and enforced with surplus fibres from European lumber production, the ultra-soft surface of this stylish meeting room chair brings a home-feel to public space interiors. The visible uniqueness in each chair adds a touch of individuality.

Weight: 4.9 kg
Dimensions: W585 x D548 x H819 - SH455mm
Warranty: 5 years

Environmental Data
Recycled Content: 8%
Recyclability: 100%
Carbon Footprint: 40kg CO2e per unit
Material Breakdown: 39% Steel, 61% Plastic

EN 16139:2014, L1
EN 1021-1:2014
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