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En One

En One Chair

En One Chair


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Perfect posture.
Optimum comfort.

All you need in a chair.

The child friendly design offers fantastic ergonomics, providing all day comfort and flexibility. A waterfall front helps to improve circulation whilst sitting and the angled rear legs discourage tilting.

It’s easy to stack and can fit an incredible 21 high within a 2 meter space. The intelligent one piece form makes it simple to clean and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It’s strong design can take an impressive weight of up to 150Kg.

Perfect stacking.

Stacks 21 high safely and securely. No leaning so you can be assured they stay straight and tall. We even have a handy trolley to help you manoeuvre your en one chairs (Size 3/4/5&6 Chairs). VIEW HERE

Manufactured in the UK out of reinforced polypropylene, it is 100% recyclable and has been specifically designed to use less plastic, making it lighter and more environmentally friendly than other one piece chairs. We are so confident in our products durability and strength, that it comes with a 21 year warranty.

  • Available in 6 sizes
  • 21 year warranty
  • Stacks 21 high within 2 metres
  • 11 brilliant colours
  • One piece design using reinforced polypropylene
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Weight limit 150kg (330lbs)
  • EN1729 compliant parts 1 and 2
  • BS EN16139:2013 level 2 for severe contract use
  • Uses less material than most other one piece chairs
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
  • Cleaning instructions: Clean with a damp cloth using warm soapy water. Dry immediately after.

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