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Social Distancing Solutions

Supporting schools through Covid 19

We can help you redesign and re-purpose your classrooms to be safe learning environments.

With COVID-19 changing the landscape of our lives, and social distancing being a part of that for some time to come, we, as an educational space planner and furniture supplier, are looking at ways we can help schools adapt their surroundings.

Our team of specialists have put together some example layouts of how to adapt your classrooms to accommodate social distancing, whilst ensuring the space is not intimidating for pupils, or hard to teach in. As well as ideas for existing classrooms, we’re looking at how you can utilise other rooms in the school as a learning space.

Classroom layout with 1200 x 600 tables
Classroom layout with single exam desks
Main hall layout as classroom

Our Furniture Consultants are on hand to help you with any questions you have about your own classroom or existing furniture, and we also have some advice.

How we can manage a successful furniture project in socially distant times.


We can upholster any of our soft seating ranges in anti-microbial fabrics

We recognise how important it is for schools to keep learning environments safe and clean during these challenging times.

We are able to upholster any of our soft seating ranges for your social spaces in fabrics with anti-microbial properties.

Antimicrobial fabric is treated with or infused with one or several of a variety of substances to keep microbes such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses from thriving within its fibres. This is particularly important, as the porous surfaces of textiles tend to hold in moisture and heat, especially when close to the human body, which makes an environment that is exceptionally conducive to the growth of microorganisms.

If you are planning a soft seating purchase for your school and are interested in our anti-microbial fabrics you can view available options in this useful guide – or call us for more details. 

Our Furniture Consultants are available and happy to help.


Protective Screens and Barriers

Practical and reassuring, freestanding screens to divide rooms, corridors and other spaces indoor and outdoor as well as smaller screens suitable for individual desks.

Folding Furniture

Quick and easy to reposition at your convenience.


If you need to utilise your outdoor space, these are a great solution to ensure cover in uncertain weather.

Chairs & Tables

Suitably sized tables to adhere to a 2-metre distance, as well ranges with anti-bacterial qualities that are easy to clean and suitable for all key stages.

Exam desks and packages

Single person desks that are easy to set up as well as store.

Early Years

Cushions and soft seating with a SteriTouch Anti-Bacterial coating.