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Postura Classroom IT Swivel Chair Black Available from Stock

Postura Classroom IT Swivel Chair Black Available from Stock


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Postura Classroom IT Swivel Clearance Chair Available From Stock


These Postura Swivel Chairs have all the benefits of the Postura One Piece School Chairs but with a swivel base. The Postura Swivel Chair is the perfect choice for IT classrooms and multi purpose rooms where mobility is required.

  • Standard Black nylon base with Glides or Castors
  • High impact resistant polypropylene shell
  • Perfect ergonomics with a waterfall seat edge
  • Height adjustable between 383 - 493mm
  • BS EN 1729 Part 2, BS 5852 (Crib5) certified
  • Dimensions: D635 x W635 x H730-835mm
  • 20 year warranty on seat shell, 5 years warranty base & gas column
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Leading The Way To A Sustainable Future

Postura+ chairs are now made with at least
30% recycled polypropylene and we plan to
increase this percentage to reach 50% in the
next few months, and ultimately 80-100% in
the future. The recycled plastic comes from
a UK-based supply chain of waste plastic
from the food industry and 600 tonnes
per year of this waste plastic is used in the
standard production process, equivalent to
over 2,000,000 food containers per year.
The chairs have been rigorously tested and
have achieved the same certifications and
standards as fully virgin plastic chairs with a
20-year warranty remaining in place.
They are also 100% recyclable at the end
of their life and transported in 100%
recyclable packaging.


The Most Trusted Name In Education

Postura+ is durable, low maintenance,
and comfortable one-piece polypropylene
chair designed for education environments.
Created in Australia in the 1990s, it quickly
gained popularity in the UK and has since
been locally manufactured to meet growing
demand and European standards.
The Postura+ collection helps create high
performing learning spaces that support
students’ full potential with its versatile and
specialist seating products. Its ergonomic
design enhances concentration and comfort,
making it excellent value for money by
reducing procurement, repair and installation
costs. Postura+ is backed by several
certifications and a 20 year warranty and is
used by millions of students worldwide.


The All-Round Performer

Furniture is crucial in creating optimal
learning spaces. Classrooms that once
catered to one teaching style are now
evolving into problem-solving and
collaborative environments.
The learning space must be flexible
to adapt to the needs of teachers and
Postura+ is the ideal solution for
any budget and space, providing
comfort, durability and practicality.
Its ergonomic design enhances
concentration and wellbeing, while its
high-quality materials make it durable
and easy to move. Plus, it’s 100%
recyclable and suitable for occasional
outdoor use.