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Ergonomic SE

Ergonomic SE Chair

Ergonomic SE Chair


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For many years both education establishments and furniture manufacturers have been looking for the perfect solution, a chair that fits in with the new image conveyed in Academy and BSF build projects, a chair that gives perfect postural support for our children’s backs, a chair that is built to last by a manufacturer that has always made education furniture and moreover a chair that will achieve all of these things but still be affordable for all, that chair is the new SE Classic Chair.

SE Classic Chairs meet and exceed the EN1729 standards with an additional focus on the correct lower back support to give correct posture. This focus on pupil comfort aids learning by increasing concentration levels also improving long term health.

  • 19mm steel frame
  • Hard wearing Duragrip feet
  • Available in 8 seat colours and 3 frame colours
  • Stacks up to 6 chairs
  • 10 year warranty
Size Mark Seat Height (mm) Height (mm) Depth (mm) Width (mm)
1 age 3-4 260 535 310 360
2 age 4-6 310 600 330 360
3 age 6-8 350 685 370 410
4 age 8-11 380 725 405 410
5 age 11-14 430 830 470 470
6 age 14+ 460 875 495 470


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The Ergonomic Theory Behind the SE Classic Chair

The SE Classic Chair design is the result of two years research and development at Birmingham City University where seating posture has become a specialism The SE Classic is a true posture chair: the configuration of the back and seat components is designed to limit backward rotation of the pelvis in both the sitting forward position (active desk work) and sitting back (listening and observing mode). This helps to reduce the effect of opposing forces that act upon the lower spine in the seated position, now known to be the cause of lower back discomfort and pain. The SE Classic provides superior thoracic, lumbar and pelvic support, thus cradling the whole of the back, and this enhances the possibility of higher and more prolonged levels of concentration and effort.

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