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  • Art School Room Furniture

    Art School Room Furniture

    Morleys have a large choice of great quality Art Room Furniture offered at superb prices. We sell Art Room Furniture to all teaching environments including schools, colleges and universities. Should you have any questions about our school furniture range, please contact us for further information.

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  • Canteen Furniture

    Canteen Furniture

    Canteens come in all shapes and sizes, which is why our Canteen Furniture does too. If you have a dedicated dining room take a look at our café seating, or we have mobile and folding options for smaller spaces.

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  • Cloakroom and Lockers

    Cloakroom and Lockers

    High traffic cloakrooms need to be kept tidy, which can be a challenge! Give your students the storage they need with one of our practical solutions. From hallway lockers, to changing room storage benches, our robust range will keep your cloakrooms safe and tidy.

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  • Dining Furniture

    Dining Furniture

    Your dining and canteen furniture needs to be strong and sturdy enough to withstand the challenges of a lively dining hall. Our range includes static and folding furniture, all suited to high traffic areas. Table and benches offer a stylish static option, suited to dedicated spaces where durability is key.  If storage is limited, folding furniture is a great option and offers flexibility with configurations too.

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  • Hall Staging And Auditorium

    Hall Staging & Auditorium

    Halls can be the hardest working rooms in many schools, so you need the right furniture to get the best from your space. Loose furniture ensures a flexible, multi-use space, and if  that space is limited, folding furniture is ideal. Many offer trolley storage too, leaving plenty of room for your staging! Our showstopping range of platforms will ensure your key performances have the stage they deserve. They are lightweight, easy to put up and take down too.

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  • Library Furniture

    Library Furniture

    Encourage reading whilst having a practical display and storage solution for your library & reading area.

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  • School Science Room Furniture

    School Science Room Furniture

    Science areas need functional furniture designed specifically to support applied learning. Our range includes dedicated tables for Science classrooms, that offer generous and hardwearing work spaces. We also have a range of mobile solutions so you can bring the tools to any area in a school.

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  • Staffroom Furniture

    Staffroom Furniture

    As a school staffroom has many different functions this needs to be reflected in its design. As well as being a space for staff to relax and socialise in-between lessons, it’s a place to work and have informal meetings too.

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