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  • edx Mirror Alphabet Pack of 26 Small (70mm)

    Laser cut double-sided mirrors, made from highly reflective 2mm acrylic. Not only are they an aesthetic addition to everyday classroom resources, they provide a multitude of uses including manipulatives for children to feel, experience, play with and trac Learn More
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  • Pebble Light Box

    These ultra-strong illuminated hollow plastic forms are aesthetically pleasing objects and can be placed around the room or used in a sensory den to provide background lighting. Using the remote control you can choose one of 16 different colours or set to fade smoothly through the entire spectrum of shades from a cool ultra-violet to a warm red. Their colour changing appearance is mesmerising as the colour spreads evenly throughout the whole shape. All shapes are powered by safe low voltage mains power supplies and come with base station recharge units*. With a 6 hour charge cycle they can be lifted off their base station* and used wherever required providing an average of 10 hours of light inside or out. The units are water resistant rated IP65 and are tested up to 80kg of load. 3+ years. Learn More

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  • Acrylic Mirror - 9 Convex 490Mm

    Made from scratch resistant acrylic these mirror panels are both safe and ideal for any setting. The convex mirror domes provide a distorted, fun and interesting view of the world. They can be sited inside or outside and come with sticky pads and corner fixing brackets for attachment to any flat surface. Large mirror squares measure 490mm and giant 780mm. Learn More

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  • Invicta Butterfly Pot

    Ten litre clear pot allows viewing of the roots of the plant as well as the lifecycle of the butterfly Learn More
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  • Green Rubber Toys Farm Set

    Green Rubber Toys have been specifically designed and manufactured to be suitable for babies from birth. The versatile and popular toys are made of soft latex material which is flexible, tough and washable and can be used in a variety of situations. The toys range in size from 150mm to 300mm long. The animals are all waterproof which means that the marine creatures can be used in a water tray. The animals are both soft and sturdy and can easily be picked up and manipulated by small hands. They are light enough for babies and toddlers to pick up, move and carry around. Support childrens communication and language skills; the youngest children will enjoy making the animal sounds and using the toys when singing songs and rhymes. Learn More

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