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Confused about what size you need? Should you choose Poly or Collaborative? Our guide is here to help you make the right choice for your school.

If you need something that you can’t see, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to chat through your specific needs.

Seat to Table Height Guide (BS EN 1729)

Having the correct table to seat height is essential for overall comfort, 
as well as posture, skeletal development and concentration levels. 

We are a member of the Furniture Industry Research Association (FIRA), and are pleased that a selection of our furniture has a FIRA certification.
BS EN 1729 2007 is the British and European standard for ‘chairs and tables for educational institutions’. Safety requirements for strength and stability. Look out for the compliant logos when selecting your classroom furniture.

Poly (Polypropylene) chairs are a durable and cost-effective school classroom solution.

• Their ergonomic shape provides all day comfort and support for a healthier back.
• Suitable for all age groups and colour schemes as available in a huge range of colours, shapes, and sizes.
• They are lightweight, easy to move and stack well, so are convenient to store.

Wooden chairs are a classroom classic, bringing a warm aesthetic with a durable finish.

• As well as being robust, wooden chairs are low a maintenance easy-clean option.
• Different style options to suit any aesthetic, from a fully wooden chair to metal frame with wooden seat.

Collaborative chairs are an ideal option for a busy classroom or multi-use space.

• You save time when setting up for different lessons as the space can be rearranged with ease.
• Collaborative chairs encourage interactive lessons, as pupils are able to easily switch from engaging with front of class, to group work.

Swivel chairs are an ideal option for any specialist area in your school.

• Great for any collaborative spaces such as an ICT classroom or library.
• Swivel chairs allow you to encourage group work without having to rearrange lots of furniture.
• Our range of swivel chairs come in a variety of materials, offering you choice of finish for any aesthetic.

Stools are ideal for any specialist areas such as Science or D&T, as well as Sixth form spaces and libraries.

• Poly stools offer versatility in colour, meaning you can coordinate to your colour scheme whilst wooden stools have classic appeal, and those with metal legs bring a modern twist.
• Active stools offer free movement helping to maintain good posture and are a great option for your classroom or breakout spaces.