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Case Study: Barrington CoE


The Client

Barrington Church of England Primary School

Project Scope

Design proposal, supply and installation of new library




The Brief

The school were having an extension, with the main part being the new library. As the library area was going to be open plan, they didn’t want it to be used as a cut-through but for it to be an open welcoming area, encouraging the children to pick up a book. The space also needed to consider a small area for group work.

How We Delivered

It was important to make a focal point in the library, so we installed a story wall with a hideaway unit, placing vinyl graphic of a Roald Dahl that was quote chosen by the Barrington pupils, above the hideaway unit. This wall is visible as you walk down to the library so has a huge visual impact and the hideaway unit is appealing to children.

To stop the space being used as a walk-through, we put some angled double side bookcases along the two open sides, spaced out with some angled soft seating.

A work table was then put into the middle of the space so it can be used for small group work or interventions, and some beanbags were placed for easy comfort seating that can be moved around the library.



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