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Activities of Daily Living

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  • Tasks Galore - Making Groups Meaningful

    ...To negotiate the world independently we need to function in situations where there are others...

    To achieve this, the authors suggest some structured teaching strategies, individual goals and advise consistent visual routines for students on the autistic spectrum. This book helps teachers, parents and therapists to apply structured teaching techniques within classroom groups, clubs and even parties! Includes full colour photos illustrating structured groups.

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  • Tasks Galore - Lets Play

    Filled with hundreds of fun, multi-modal tasks described in text and colour photos, the authors, highly skilled in structured teaching methodology, demonstrate how they use the context of play to enhance students' skills across developmental areas. Topics span abilities - from engaging in early social games with caregivers to role playing with peers, using toys functionally and symbolically, choosing one toy and organising play times. See how establishing productive routines and embedding visual cues can increase children's flexibility and participation in play activities.

    “I have been using structured teaching in my classroom for three years and I am amazed at how it has helped my students.  Your publications have given me and my staff great ideas for work tasks, functional everyday skills, and great ideas to implement structure during activities as simple as circle time and art. I am the parent of a child on the autism spectrum and my husband and I use your ideas at home as well.”  - J. Paxton, teacher and parent

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  • Visual Timetable Wall Hanging

    An ideal resource for creating a visual timetable for organising a child's day. Perfect for children with Autism or those that benefit from following a routine. There are 3 pockets at the bottom so that once the activity has been finished, the card can be placed out of sight in a pocket. 10 visual timetable cards included each size A6. Size 32cm W x 70cm L Learn More
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